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  • Fully understanding the implications of his disastrous performance during the first presidential debate, President Obama came back in full swing at last night’s Town Hall.  He was able to not […] 0
  • Photo by: USA Today It is not unknown that President Obama’s performance at the first debate was less than stellar; substantially decreasing the comfortable lead he once held in the […] 0
  • With a struggling economy and unrest in the Middle East, discussion of social issues has taken a back seat in this election cycle.  That is, until this week’s Vice Presidential […] 1
  • Photo by: Giarc80HC on In the race to represent Virginia in the United States Senate, Public Policy Polling has Governor Kaine steadily leading Senator Allen in a poll taken […] 0
  • Photo by: Hickydoo on Yesterday the United States Supreme Court heard arguments for Fisher V. University of Texas, a case in which the decision will either render Affirmative Action […] 0
  • Photo by: Stephen Kline of Broadside Today, the George Mason community once again, welcomed President Barack Obama.  Almost 2,000 people headed to the Center for the Arts for a rally […] 0
  • Photo by: Thomas Graves Associate Professor, Dr. Michael McDonald of GMU is conducting a project to spread information regarding the United State electoral system.  The objective of the United States […] 0
  •   Photo by: cvrcak1   The New York Times reported that the billionaire businessman, George Soros, is contributing to three democratic super PACs.  The announcement was made at an event […] 0