Voting Absentee

Voting Absentee? It’s a two-step process in Virginia:

  • APPLY with local registration office. Use this form.
  • Download the form and mail no later than Oct. 28 to your local registration office to apply for the ballot.
  • Receive your ballot by mail, complete it, and MAIL BALLOT to local registration office. It must be received by Election Day, Nov. 4

OR vote in-person absentee by Nov. 1. You apply and vote at the same time. Check your local registration office.

Don’t wait. Do it now!

Other important election information:

  • You can vote absentee if your working and commuting time is 11 or more hours during the 13 hours the polls are open between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Find your local registrar’s website.
  • Check online for your polling place, voter registration info including district and precinct, absentee ballot status, what will be on your local ballot, and more.  
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