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Election interest is challenging for some students

By Jamie Gage, United Press International

With less than six weeks to go, it would seem that the election is the one topic on every American’s mind. But, that’s not necessarily the case. For various reasons some students are having a hard time getting involved in the election.

“There is so much associated with the election, I find it hard to even start to educate myself about it,” said Kristen Ryan, a senior at George Mason University. “I know some of what the candidates believe in, but I don’t know everything. I have an interest but it’s not the only thing that I care about.”

There are also some students who don’t have any particular interest in the election.

“I’m not even registered to vote,” said Allie Phass, a junior. “I know what is going on, but it’s not interesting to me. I don’t want to say I don’t care, but growing up the elections were never something my parents really talked about. I think that influenced me a lot.”

On the George Mason campus, it’s hard to not get bombarded by one of many volunteers attempting to get people registered to vote. These volunteers want college students to take an active role in deciding their futures.

“Getting students registered to vote is only part of the process,” said Jacob Plumb, a volunteer. “We really are trying to get the students interested in the election and interested in their own future.”

“Many of the decisions that are made by the president will directly affect the students and we want the students to take a part in helping to decide their futures,” said Plumb. “If 100 percent of people ages 18 to 25 voted, they would completely control the election. That’s something to think about.”

Viewing the candidate’s web sites is a good way to get information and watching different political events on the television is another.

“Sometimes I go online and read about the platforms that the candidates have,” said Ryan. “I feel the need to educate myself, because I want to be able to vote and know who I am voting for. I also watch the political events that occur because they are exciting and really show the candidates what they are made of.”

“Knowing is half the battle,” said senior Melissa Devine, a nursing major. “I want to be educated, because I want to know who I am voting for and I want to make a difference.”

From: The Voice of Young Voters

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