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What is the House of Delegates?

There are two branches of the Virginia General Assembly, the Senate and the House of Delegates. The House of Delegates is a one hundred member legislative body. The entire House is up for reelection every two years and is in session during the months of January, February and April. When the Governor deems it necessary, a special session may also be called.

George Mason University’s four campuses are represented by three delegates. David Bulova (D) is currently the delegate representing district 37 where the Fairfax campus is located. The Loudoun and Prince William campuses are in the 13th district and are currently represented by Bob Marshall (R). District 47, contains the Arlington campus and is represented by Albert Eisenberg. Bulova and Marshall are up for reelection while Eisenberg is not seeking another term.

House of Delegate members receive a salary of $17,640.

Photo by flickr user jamacdonald.

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