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For College Kids, Voting Is So Two Years Ago

Caption: George Mason University students celebrate in 2008 after election results were confirmed for President Barack Obama

From The Atlantic Wire
By Elspeth Reeve

The Obamamania that swept college campuses two years ago, spurring millions of young people to vote, volunteer, and lobby their parents to change their minds, now looks like a bubble that has burst. Democrats argue that the enthusiasm gap between its voters and fired up Republicans is overblown, but the numbers among young voters are undeniable. In 2008, Rock the Vote registered 2.5 million young voters. This year, it’s signed up just 280,000. Local registration drives apparently haven’t fared much better, Politico reports. The county that’s home to 90 percent of the University of Virginia’s dorms has registered 2,714 new voters this year, a huge slide from 6,171 two years ago. Likewise, in 2008, new voters numbered 20,000 in the county that includes Colorado State University’s campus. A mere 1,200 registered this year. Why have college kids swung back to apathy?

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  1. I wonder if it will ever happen again, maybe in a hundred years

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  2. Not for us!

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