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Meet David Dotson Libertarian 11th District Congressional Candidate

Q: Why should Mason students vote for you?
A: If you vote for Keith Fimian or Gerry Connolly you are wasting your vote, for two reasons. (1) It seems pretty clear at this point that the Republicans will take control of the House, and possibly (though not likely) the Senate, which means that nothing will change, and in two years they will be blaming each other for why the economy hasn’t improved. Or, more likely, why it is in even worse shape. (2) Voting for the Democrats or Republicans is basically voting to continue our pursuit of global empire, with endless wars in the Middle East and skyrocketing debt at home. And it’s voting to allow the Federal Reserve, a private cartel of bankers, to maintain its
control over the U.S. monetary system, and over our economy. The Fed is poised to begin another round of quantitative easing – AKA creating money/credit out of thin air – which debases the value of the dollar, and which, combined with our debt, will eventually lead to hyperinflation and/or defaulting on our debts. The American century of empire is approaching its end, and we need to prepare for the fall that is coming. With the exception
of Ron Paul, there appears to be no one in Congress, or the executive branch, that has a clear understanding of what is going to happen.

Q: What will you do to help your college-aged constituents?
A: The most important thing is to stop the wars and bring the troops home, which will make us all safer because it will reduce the threat of terrorism – even Department of Defense studies show that terrorist acts are a response to our bombing and killing, invading and occupying the Muslim nations of the Middle East. The second most important thing to do is to eliminate the Fed, to prevent Bernanke and his boys from creating more and more debt that college students, and their children, and their children’s children, will have to pay. The longer we try to prop up the economy with fiat money and borrowing and government spending, the harder it will be on all of us when the crash comes. It’s going to be hard, but the best thing for all of us is to let the recession/depression happen, so the economy can begin to recover. I would also work to get the government out of education – whenever the government gets involved in something to make it better, or less expensive,
the cost invariably goes up, and the quality generally goes down.

Q: What issues do you think are most important to college students?
A: I would think that, along with the wars that threaten our peace, help to bankrupt our nation, and result in the government taking away our freedoms one after another, that the most important issue to college students is probably the lack of jobs. After spending 4 or more years studying and taking on thousands of dollars in debts, how are they going to live, and pay back what they owe, if the economy is in the tank and they can’t find a decent job. Unfortunately, the policies that the federal government continues to follow will not restore our economy to health, nor allow businesses to create the jobs that students (and all of us) will need.

Q: What local projects are you most concerned with and what will you do to ensure their success? (Ex. Public transportation, civic programs etc.)
A: I don’t think the federal government should be involved in local projects. For example, transportation is a big issue in northern Virginia. But it’s a problem that should be handled by the state, county and city governments. When a Congressman/woman earmarks federal funds to spend on local problems, that just means they are taking money away from people elsewhere in the country to solve problems that those people had no part in creating, and whose solution will give them no benefits. And as northern Virginia is already one of the richest areas in the country, and we already get a lot of money because of all of the federal jobs and federally-related private jobs that are located here, it’s even less fair when we take money from poorer areas to solve our problems. We should reduce federal spending, and taxes, so that localities have more money to deal with their own problems.

Q: What will you do to help repair the economy?
A: First, I would work to stop our endless foreign wars. We currently spend nearly $1 trillion per year on all aspects of our Department of Defense budget, and if we stop spending so much on foreign wars and interventions, the government doesn’t have to borrow so much, or inflate the currency – and that will help the economy. Second, I would work to repeal recent legislation – such as the Health Care reform – that put extra burdens on businesses, and create a level of uncertainty that makes them unwilling to borrow money or hire new people. Third, I would put an end to the Fed’s ability to create as much money and credit as it wants, which it then gives to whatever favored group it chooses to give it to, such as banks (American and foreign) and the housing industry, which distorts the economy, and creates boom and bust cycles because of the misallocation of capital. I would also work to repeal the recent financial reform legislation, which gave the Fed ever more power over the economy. Fourth, I would let the recession come – and not prop up the banks, or the car companies, or whoever
has shown that they can’t survive without the government’s help – so that we can start anew, and let capital flow where it will, and let the economy rebuild.

Q: Afghanistan and Iraq — what are your plans?
A: I would get our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq as quickly as possible. The longer we stay, the more American soldiers are killed and wounded, and the more Iraqis and Afghanis are killed and maimed. The recent release by Wikileaks of the Iraq War Logs show that we have killed tens of thousands more civilians than the military had acknowledged, and that our soldiers had stood by and allowed torture and murder to happen, as well as sometimes being involved in torture, and murder, as was shown on Wikileaks release of “Collateral Murder.” I support the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and their call to bring the troops home, and pay reparations to Iraq and Afghanistan to help them recover from the destruction and devastation that we have produced in their countries.

Q: Why are you qualified to represent the 11th District?
A: With rare exceptions, there is no one serving in Congress who appears to have a grasp of the problems we truly face, and what needs to be done. Both the Republicans and Democrats will keep on borrowing and spending until we are bankrupt, and they will keep funding and expanding our wars until the empire collapses. We have hard times coming, and we need people in Congress who can help us prepare for them as best as we can. If we continue to elect politicians who either ignore the real problems, or are ignorant of them, things will just continue to get worse. I am qualified to represent the 11th District because I understand that we must prepare for the fall of our empire, and work to restore the Constitution, reclaim the liberties we are losing, and renew and recreate the American Republic that was once, and can be yet again – because of its dedication to freedom and individual rights – the greatest nation on earth.

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