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Students less excited about upcoming presidential election

At a politically charged school such as Mason, the excitement for the 2012 election should be visible.

For the 2008 election, there was an increase of young voters. Many Mason students were excited to vote, many for the first time.

This election may not attract the same attention.

“No one’s talking about it,” said Mallory Wuhrer, a Mason senior and communication major. “I’m sure people will talk about it in the fall when it kicks into gear, but not now.”

Some students appear to be frustrated with the entire election process.

“The American public has so little trust in our government,” said Kate Gohari a senior and government major. “We’re in gridlock right now. Nobody is coming together.”

Other students already know who they will vote for, regardless of the Republican nominee.

“I will be voting for Obama in the upcoming election,” said Alyssa Rajabi, a junior and communication major. “It seems like there isn’t a Republican candidate worthy enough of holding office.”

Mason strives to help students stay informed about the election, regardless of their political affiliation.

“Mason Votes provides a platform for student opinion and commentary on political issues,” said Colleen Wilson, a sophomore and communication major.

Wilson is an editor at Mason Votes, a student organization that updates students about election news.

“The point is less on how Mason Votes will get students out to the polls, and more on a reflection of the young perspective on political issues.”

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  1. This is the result of the stranglehold senior citizens and old farts have on our political system. We need a system more like Logan’s run. I’m joking of course, but young people feel totally disenchanted with the political system because it does not serve their interests in any way whatsoever.

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