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Kritical Konversation: Successful Forum on Campus

Cover Photo Taken by Jasmine Young

This past Monday, September 24, 2012 there were about 65 students in attendance at Kritical Konversation not including the students that were walking through the JC and stopped to listen.


  1. Robert Hiter who is a senior at GMU and a part of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. He is responsible for bringing the other organizations together for this event. Robert stated, “It is important for Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. to host an event like Kritical Konversation because a lot of our brothers are politically inclined and we are a fraternity based on achievements.” He also discussed during the interview that a lot of students go out to parties and do other activities and often forget to do their civic duties, one of which is to vote.


  1. Sarah Cioffi who is a Mason student and also an Assistant Registrar for the city of Manassas.
  2. Richard Mattox who is a partner at a lobbying firm called Mattox Woolfolk, LLC and he is also an Adjunct professor at Mason


  1. Charity Howell is Junior at Mason, the program chair for the event as well as the Mediator for the open discussion and debate. Charity is a part of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and was interested in joining in on this event because her sorority has a national initiative going on and believes that not enough young people are going out and voting.

Key Points from the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. PowerPoint Presentation:

  • The State of Our Country
  • Importance of Election
  • Candidates Review
  • What’s at Stake
  • Make Your Mark

Once the slide was completed students were allowed to answer questions. These questions turned into statements and opinions which turned into a very organized and informative debate.

Below are some of George Mason Student’s comments during that debate that really stuck out and impacted the audience.

“Having a president without a hidden agenda is needed. I have a big problem with someone who has a hidden agenda. Obama tried to do everything he said he would do and what he has said this far is true.”- Michael Turner

“All politicians are going to lie and say what you want to hear that is why I look at what they have done.”- Jordan Foster

“I don’t believe there is a hidden agenda and the President says and does what is needed to be done to get progress.”- Elizabeth Davis

“I’m voting for Romney I did not know which candidate at first but decided that he has more respect for women’s rights.”-Sophie Chaver

“There are five candidates running for election. I line up more with the green party but prefer Democrat Party over the Republican Party.” “Obama said, “Yes WE can” not “Yes I can.” – Rasheed Parker

“Candidates do not necessarily support issues but instead give options.” –Toni Jones

“I’m undecided because I do not support Obama on a lot of issues and Mitt Romney does not understand what it is like to be in the middle class.”- Viven Lundtin

“President Barack Obama has more of a connection.”- Saffie Kamara

“Don’t be pressured by friends, vote for who you want!”- Falen Petros

Comments before and after the debate:

“I really appreciated the fact that the organizations hosted an event like this because this is something that affects the college demographic and had useful, insightful information. College students need to be aware and involved in deciding the direction of our country.”- Kimberlee Glenn

“I think this event was a good turnout for the simple fact it was planned in a short amount of time. It attracted students that did not even know about the event as well.  I believe that juniors and seniors will be more likely to vote because some freshmen are not even 18 yet. Also, some issues directly affect upperclassmen as they are getting ready to graduate and start looking for jobs.”- Amanda Herbert (Senior, President of AKA and Office Assistant for LEAD)

“This event was good turnout with a good audience of students willing to speak. A lot of big decisions are happening and students should be able to voice their opinion on matters that they are affected by and that are why student government got involved in this event. Recently, SGA did a campaign on “What’s Your Number?” And basically it said that student debt is what is going to cause the nations next big financial crisis.”- Kevin Jackson (Sophomore, Student Government)

Students are encouraged to check out  that shows which political candidates you side with based on the issues selected most important to you.

This is Jasmine Young with Mason Votes showing you how Mason student organizations and students are getting fired up and ready to Vote! Make sure you come out to the next event!

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