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Prof. Warren Decker CSPAN Interview, Pres. Debating Styles

GMU Professor Warren Decker, Communications Dept. and Debate Director, participated in a Oct. 1, 2012 CSPAN video examining the debating styles of Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney.

Here is the CSPAN video description:

Professors Alan Schroeder and Warren Decker examined the debating styles of President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, who were to meet the following evening for the first of three debates. White House correspondent Laura Meckler discussed the candidates’ preparation for the debates. Professor John Sides talked about the relevance of presidential debates. C-SPAN archival video from past presidential debates was shown.

Professor Schroeder participated by video link from Boston and Ms. Meckler and Professor Sides from the C-SPAN newsroom.

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