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Election Poll Monitor Opportunity

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My name is Michael Lore and I am the Virginia Grassroots Poll Monitor Volunteer Coordinator for Common Cause.  The 2012 election is upon us and VA is a battleground state with new districts and new identification standards at the polls.  I applaud you for your interest to be an engaged citizen on Election Day 2012.  We are a non-partisan coalition of groups that seeks fair and open elections with as much participation as possible.  (www.866ourvote.org)

The roll of a grassroots poll monitor is fairly simple.  Although you will learn the specifics when you are trained, the basic idea is that you would serve as a frequently asked question guide outside the polls.  Most of the time will be spent helping citizens who are confused about their polling place or whether they can vote on a regular ballot or provisional, you would serve as a first line of defense and a go-between with our command centers around the state and national offices.  Overall, we need boots on the ground to help voters and relay problems to our central offices so we can examine trends and alert the election officials of the problems.  You will not be an election official, you will be the non-partisan citizen oversight of those officials from a distance.

In 2008 I was an election protection volunteer in Virginia and the experience gave me the reward of a patriotic pride of participation in our democratic process.  As a grassroots election protection volunteer you will be a true participant in the process, without a partisan hat.  However, if you so desire, you can put your partisan hat on, once you have taken off the Election Protection shirt, you must also however go to a different polling place than where you were volunteering.

Just a reminder, Election Day is November 6th and your participation in the grassroots poll monitoring program will require a commitment to work several hours on Election Day and to be trained to handle your role outside the polls before Election Day where you will be assigned to a polling place near you, or if you are available to one of the more contentious areas in the state.  Spanish speaking individuals are especially desired.

Please sign up at this link TODAY.

The trainings will begin next week (NOVA: Saturday Oct 20th 10am-12pm or Friday Oct 26th 6-8pm) and we are trying to determine if we will require additional trainings, so please sign up as soon as possible.  Do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions prior to the trainings, but training info will be found on the electronic sign-up sheet at the link above and we will be in touch when you have signed up.  I know you are busy with day-to-day responsibilities, so we will ensure that your time is truly appreciated and not wasted.


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