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Preview of the Second Presidential Debate

Tonight at Hofstra University the two candidates for President will face off in what could be characterized as the most anticipated rematches in modern debate history.

Coming off of a less than stellar performance in the first debate, President Obama will be attempting to rebound and seize back the momentum he allowed Mitt Romney to wrestle away from him in Denver.  Many aides have said that Obama will attempt to be more aggressive and avoid the perception that he is aloof or distant, as he looked in debate number one.  Vice President Biden attempted to show a more aggressive side of the ticket last week in his debate, but Obama will have to mimic it in order for the Democrats to regain the upper hand.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, will be attempting to repeat what was a masterful performance in the first debate.  However, Obama did not invoke many of the controversial aspects of Romney’s personal history.  His record at Bain Capitol and his comments about 47 percent of the electorate went unsaid.  This allowed him to hammer Obama on his record and not play defense at all.  One would expect Obama to be on offense a lot more in this debate.  This will force Romney to defend the comments and his wealth in a debate setting.

Almost 70 million people tuned in to watch the first encounter between these two men.  Normally there is a diminishing return on debates.  Chances are less will watch tonight, but that does not lessen the debate’s importance. There is just three weeks until Election Day and the polls have been tighter than ever.  Any nationally televised event is huge.  Look for both candidates to make a big play that could sway large swaths of the electorate.  The final push is on.

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