GMU Gangnam Style Video !

Cover Photo by Alexandra Sudak/ Broadside

Students Use Pop Culture Phenomenon to Inspire Voting

This election season, Mason is voting Gangnam Style.

Alexandra Sudak/Broadside

Twenty people gathered by the George statue on Saturday, Oct. 27, to film a video of Mason students rocking out to the internet hit Gangnam Style, but with a twist–the song’s lyrics were changed to let young people know that voting is something that’s cool to do.

The video is part of an effort by the Mason Vote Mob, as well as All Hands on Deck, a self-identified non-partisan group whose goal is to get young people to the polls.

The filmmaker, Colin Christopher, is a member of All Hands on Deck.

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George Mason Univ. Students’ Election Season Rendition of Gangnam Style



Psy Impersonator: Edgar Tran

Dancers: Daniel Abrokowitz Jasmine Barnes Gabrielle Cunningham Kyle Dingle Janisah Georges Jerell Georges Lesley Harris Saranya Jagadish Ashton Parker Morton Tiffany Nguyen Chelsea Norman Dan Quach Seth Robertson J.D. Stier Yunzhi Sun Marianne Tokarz Iliana Vakuza Jasmine Young

Editor: Daniel Singer

Assistant Editor: Janelle Germanos

Assistant Editor: Colin Christopher

Technical Adviser: Zach Gross

Music Director: Jaime Jimenez-Moreno

Producer: Colin Christopher

Director: Colin Christopher

Coreographer: Colin Christopher

Camera: Colin Christopher

Filmed on location at George Mason University

A Breaking Boundaries Production, 2012 



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