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President Barack Obama: RE-ELECTED

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Shortly into the eleven o’clock hour on November 6 all the major networks began to call the race. “President Barack Obama has been re-elected and will return to the White House for four more years” one news reporter said.

The President received 50 percent of the national vote to Governor Romney’s 48 percent. When it came to the Electoral College the President received well over the 270 needed to win. He scored 303 to Governor Romney’s 206. Important to note is the state of Florida has not yet been called. There is a possibility the President will ultimately win their as well.

As American’s wake up this morning it would appear as nothing is different. The President is still Barack Obama, the House of Representatives is still controlled by the Republicans, and the Senate is still in Democratic control. This reality raises one major question in which we will receive the answer to in the coming months. That question is where do we go from here?

With a divided government over the last two years congress has seen its approval rating slip to as low as 8 percent. The word and idea compromise has become dirty. What will make these next four years any different? Regardless of who won the White House this question would still have been asked. Maybe now after the dust has finally settled Congress, the Senate, and the President will make real strides to work in a bi-partisan manner, and restore the faith in a government that as Lincoln described as “of the people, for the people, by the people”.

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