As Mason Students prepare to vote on in Virginia’s March 1st Presidential Primary, check out brief descriptions of each Presidential Candidate (both Republican and Democrat) who will still be in the race on March 1st.


Hillary Clinton is a former Secretary of State and also a former Senator from New York. She supports keeping Obamacare and wants to establish free community college for two years. She also supports a strong US involvement to defeat ISIS, but does not support deploying ground troops.

Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont. He supports a $15 minimum wage, expanding President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, making all public universities tuition-free, and wants to expand Social Security.



Ben Carson is a retired world renowned neurosurgeon who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008 for his medical work. He has been a vocal advocate against Obamacare and wants to return Healthcare to market based principals.

Ted Cruz is a current Senator from Texas. Elected into office in 2012, Ted Cruz has been a long-time advocate for constitutional originalism and has fought against the Obama administration over executive orders.

John Kasich is the current Governor of Ohio. Elected into office in 2010 after an 18-year career in Congress, John Kasich has been an advocate for right to work laws and for oil fracking in Ohio.

Marco Rubio is a current Senator from Florida. Elected into office in 2010, Marco Rubio has been a longtime advocate for conservative immigration reform and has been a vocal critic of Cuba’s government.

Donald Trump is a successful real estate developer and television personality. Donald Trump has been a long-time critic of free trade and illegal immigration and has advocated for increased border security.

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