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VIDEO: Trust, Expectation, Behaviors, and Factors Influencing Voters in 2020

Pizza & Perspectives: 2020 Panel Discussion

On October 22, 2020, University Life SciTech hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring Delegate Karrie Delaney, Professors Jennifer Victor and Justin Gest from the Schar School of Policy and Government, and Gary Scott, Fairfax County Registrar and Director of Elections.

“In this novel national and global context, our relationship with voting is mediated by our personal and national history, our sense of time and place in society, and our multiple intersecting social and political identities. The next election will be perhaps the most consequential we have ever faced. University Life’s contribution to the MasonVotes pre-election programming is this 3rd in a series of Pizza & Perspectives programs in that frame. Enjoy this virtual discussion about our nation and citizens’ relationships with voting and the issues that will influence the process and the outcome.”

For those who weren’t able to tune into the live Zoom broadcast, organizers recorded the discussion and a full video of the virtual panel can we viewed below:

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