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Can I Vote at Merten Hall on Election Day?

If You Live On Campus, the Answer Is YES! But Keep Reading…

Merten Hall is home to Fairfax County’s University Precinct, Mason’s on-campus polling place.

If you’re a Mason student living in an on-campus residence hall, you may be wondering if you can vote at Merten Hall on Election Day (Tuesday, November 8th).

The short answer is yes, but there are a few things you should know…

Virginia’s voter registration deadline was October 17th, but if you didn’t register on time (or aren’t sure if you’re registered), don’t despair.

New in 2022: Same Day Voter Registration

According to the Virginia Department of Elections: “Beginning with the 2022 General Election, the General Assembly approved legislation that provides the ability to register at any time, up to and including Election Day.”

This new legislation means that Mason students who missed the October 17th registration deadline AND live on the Fairfax campus can still register in-person “on the spot” on Election Day at Merten Hall and vote at the University Precinct using a provisional ballot.

Learn more about same day voter registration and provisional ballots: elections.virginia.gov/registration/same-day-voter-registration

If you don’t live on Mason’s Fairfax campus, you can still utilize same day registration, but must vote on Election Day at the assigned polling place for the area where you reside.

Find your assigned polling place: elections.virginia.gov/casting-a-ballot/polling-place-lookup

What is a Provisional Ballot?

According to the Virginia Department of Elections: “Provisional ballots are used by voters who do not appear on the list of registered voters at their polling location. Provisional ballots are not processed by a vote counting machine at the time of voting, but rather are subject to approval by the local electoral board prior to the ballot being counted.”

Learn more about provisional ballots: elections.virginia.gov/registration/same-day-voter-registration

Can I Use My Mason Student ID to Vote?

Yes, your Mason student ID is welcome on Election Day!

List of acceptable forms of ID: elections.virginia.gov/media/formswarehouse/voter-id/outreach-materials/documents/Voter-Identification-Chart-Rev-4-28-21.pdf

What If I Forget My ID on Election Day?

According to the Virginia Department of Elections: “If you get to your polling place without acceptable ID, you can sign an ID statement affirming your identity, you will be able to vote a regular ballot. If you do not sign an ID statement to affirm your identity you may vote a provisional ballot. You will be provided instructions to ensure your vote will count.”


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th…

Don’t Forget to VOTE!


Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide important voting information for Mason students, but always refer to the official Virginia Department of Elections website for the most accurate and up-to-date voter information/guidelines: elections.virginia.gov

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