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Why McCain Must Lose This Election

By Lars Laing-Peterson

1) He votes with the failed and failing policies of George W. Bush 90+% of the time. ( has it at 95% of the time.) These policies will have a lasting detrimental affect on this country. And, more importantly, how can you be a Maverick when you vote with the Party Line 95% of the time?

2) Karl Rove, one of the most revolting, horrid figures to slime their way into politics since the Nixon Era, thinks that McCain’s negative ads fail the 100% truth test. Not exactly news — any of us who have followed this election since before the Republican Convention knew how false McCain’s and Palin’s statements have been — but still, when Karl Rove thinks you’ve gone too far… that’s frightening.

I don’t want to have to live in a country run by a man who votes with Bush 95% of the time, that Karl Rove thinks is untrustworthy with the truth, and who attached Sarah Palin to his ticket to rile up the GOP voting base.

McCain is not a Maverick by his own admission, he’s not good with facts or the truth, and his running mate is a frightening creature by her own admission: a pitbull with lipstick. Sounds like a Ralph Steadman illustration.

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  1. john public

    feel free to move out of the country. democrats like to whine and bitch about everything. republicans actually do.

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  2. I’m not sure even how to respond to this comment, but since this is the first comment I’ve received up here on Mason Votes, I’ll start with: “Thank you!”

    1) I’ve spent nearly half of my life living outside of the United States (Japan, England, Sweden), so I am well aware of the other options available. That said, as Europeanized as I am after studying and living in England and Sweden for the better part of a decade, I am actually quite proud to be an American. Part of this pride comes from being able to speak out — quite emphatically, as I am quite guilty of doing — against politicians.

    2) The whining and bitching happens on both sides of the aisle. It’s one of the few truly non-partisan aspects of American Politics — and one of my favorites, as well.

    3) I won’t even get into a ‘who did what, where, why, when, and how’ debate. They’re very easy to start and very difficult to end — Clinton’s economic successes are actually due to Reagan’s policies; Bush’s failures can be blamed on Clintonian failures; and so on, and so forth. As far as I am concerned, there have been massive failures on both the Democratic and Republican fronts in recent years. I could write a thesis paper on the absolute incompetence of the Democrat-controlled Congress, but there are also reasons why Bob Woodward has been able to write so prolifically about the Bush White House’s numerous “doings.” I don’t even blame Bush for the protracted war in Iraq — there were plenty of Democrats who voted for it.

    Political failure seems to befall anyone who enters into the political spotlight. For some, Reagan is a hero, for others… not so much. The same could be said for Clinton or Kennedy, and few of us lefties are unaware of the massive bungles and errors committed by the Carter Administration.

    Without much in the way of points or facts in your comment, there isn’t much else I can say.

    Stay involved, get your friends signed up to vote (the deadline is fast approaching), and I’m looking forward to plenty more discussion as the debates loom in the near future.

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