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Presidential Debate Watch this Friday

By Noah Martin

The outcome of a televised debate is about more than a candidate’s response to the questions, so come to the Johnson Center atrium at George Mason University for a Debate Watch party this Friday to view Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) and Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) confront each other over issues of foreign policy and national security and hear detailed analysis from a panel of experts.

The debate itself begins at 9 p.m. but at 8 p.m. a panel comprised of Mason professors and representatives from local Republican and Democratic committees will discuss campaign issues. The panel will include Communications Professors Steve Klein and Stephen Farnsworth and New Century College professor of communication and rhetoric Janette Muir.

Immediately following the debate, panelists will give their impressions of each of the candidate’s performance and discuss them with the audience.

The debate watch is sponsored by Mason Votes, C-SPAN, Cox Communications and New Century College.

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