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How Can We Talk Football at a Time Like This?

The American Economy is officially in the toilet.

And now, finally, it appears that a decent amount of people have begun to realize that Sarah Palin is completely and utterly inept — and if you read the last two paragraphs of Jonathan Martin’s blog on the Politico, she may be more inept than some of us originally thought.

Jack Cafferty, CNN’s own Maverick, has even asked “Should McCain ask Sarah Palin to step aside?”

Oh, and to make McCain’s life easier, most people — right or wrong — are blaming the Bush White House and the Republican party for the economy’s woes. On the recent vote, Noah Millman said there were lots of reasons to dislike the bill in question, but that “The GOP alternative proposal was borderline illiterate.”

Ross Douthat has a number of predictions based on the current economic climate (mostly bad for the Republicans), including that “a politician running on a Ron Paul-style economic platform does very, very well in the GOP primaries of 2012.”

Is there anything to be happy about?

Yes. Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate. Hopefully it will be as painful as it can be with two politicians prone to say all the wrong things. Palin may actually be in a position of strength seeing as many people expect absolutely nothing from her. I’ll still be praying for one more horrid, epic gaffe from Sarah Palin. That will make my year.

And, of course, this.

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