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Voting FAQs

Q: When is the next election?
A: The next election will be Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Q: Who is eligible to vote?
A: U.S. citizens living in Virginia who will be at least 18 by Nov. 2.

Q: Where do I vote?
A:Click here to find out.

Q: What identification do I need?
A: To vote, you will need any of the following identifications: a Virginia voter identification card, a valid Virginia’s driver’s license, a military ID, a federal, state or local government issued ID, an employer issued photo ID card, or a social security card. If you do not bring any of these forms of identification, you can still vote but will be required to sign an Affirmation of Identity.

Q: Do I have to register to vote?
A: Yes. You must register at least 29 days before the election in which you want to vote. This year, the registration deadline is October 5. If you have previously registered and have not changed your personal information (name, address, etc.) you do not need to re-register.

Q: How can I register to vote?
A: You must register with the State board of Elections you can register in person at your local voter registration site, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Social Services or by mailing in an application available at most public libraries.

Q: How can I file a complaint?
A: You may file an online complaint form to notify the and the General Registrar of your problem or you can file a formal grievance.

Q: I have special needs, what provisions are there for me?
A:Click here for information on what the State Board of Elections provides for voters with special needs.

Q: How can I update my registration information?
A: You may fill out a Voter Registration Application which must be faxed, mailed or hand delivered by Oct. 5 to the Voter Registration Office for the county or city in which you live.

Q: How do I register for absentee voting?
A: Eligibility is based on very specific qualifications and the registration process for absentee voting depends on what makes you eligible. Click here to find out if you qualify and how to register. You must register either by Oct. 27 by mail or by Oct. 31 in person.

Q: Where is my local voter registration office?
A: Click here to locate the closest voter registration office.

Q: Can I transfer my voter registration from another state to Virginia?
A: You must re-register to vote in Virginia, your previous registration will be canceled.

Q: What are my rights and responsibilities as a voter?
A: Click here to find out.

Q: What type of voting system does my precinct use?
A: A list of voting systems by precinct can be found by clicking here.

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