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Campaigns Push to Raise Last Minute Funds for Report

Periodically, candidates must submit reports detailing their expenditures and contributions. Campaigns use these numbers as type of barometer of success and compete heavily to raise more money their opponent(s). Today is the end of the July 1-Aug. 31 period and campaigns are almost begging supporters to contribute before midnight tonight.

“Today is a big day for our campaign as we close the books on another fundraising reporting period and set the stage for the fall campaign. How many calls we can make, doors we can knock, mailings we can send, and TV ads we can run depend on your continued generosity,” wrote Jody Wagner in an email.

The numbers will be published on Sept. 15 and will affect the campaigns ability to advertise and canvas. These funds are important for gubernatorial candidates like Creigh Deeds (D) who was behind Bob McDonnell (R) in a Washington Post poll 40 to 47 percent. However, in the last reporting period, Deeds out-fundraised McDonnell by over 1.5 million dollars.

The State Board of Elections provides Financial Disclosure Reports for all candidates. The Virginia Public Access Project also provides detailed breakdown of campaign finances in a more visually stimulating way.

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