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Romney Looks Ahead to President Obama

Mitt Romney has now set his sights on President Obama and the general election with Tuesday’s sweep of Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

At a gathering in Washington, D.C. the following day, Mitt Romney made no mention of his primary opponents and took the opportunity to rail against the President.

In the week ahead of the primaries, influential Republicans such as Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, former President George H.W. Bush, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush all endorsed Romney, trying to put to an end what has been a divisive primary.

On CBS Wednesday morning, former Republican nominee, and one time Romney opponent, John McCain called on Rick Santorum to drop out of the race saying, “It’s clear that [Romney] is the nominee,” … “I hope Rick Santorum understands that it is time for a graceful exit.”

Despite calls for his exit Rick Santorum has vowed to persevere.  The next primary is on April 24 in Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania in what Santorum himself has described as a “must win.”

Experts question whether Santorum has the money to soldier on for the next three weeks.

On Tuesday, President Obama took a swipe at Romney, mentioning for the first time the candidate by name and signaling that the White House believes that Romney will be the eventual nominee as well.

Mitt Romney needs 1,144 delegates in order to wrap up the nomination.   In the unlikely event that Romney fails to reach 1,144 delegates then the candidates would go to a brokered convention in August.

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