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Romney Rolls through Fairfax

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[This post has been Updated 09/21/2012]

On Thursday, September 13th, Mitt Romney hosted a rally at Van Dyck park in Fairfax, VA, which is less then 10 minutes away from George Mason University students on the Fairfax campus.  Governor Romney was warmly welcomed by citizens from all over Northern Virginia.  Mitt Romney spoke about his 5 point plan to fix the economy and took a few jabs at the President, like when Romney said, “I didn’t just study the economy in school, I actually lived in the economy for 25 years.”  Romney briefly discussed the recent tragedy in Libya, but was interrupted by a couple of hecklers as he was going to try and have a moment of silence.  The hecklers’ voices were quickly drowned out by the crowd loudly chanting, “USA USA USA…”  Romney didn’t let the interruption bother him as he moved on to present his plan for a better America.


I wasn’t expecting a significant crowd at this rally considering it was in the middle of a work day and there was very little notice about the event.  Sure enough, citizens from all over the area came out to support Romney.  The whole designated area for attendees completely filled to capacity and overflowed into the surrounding area.  People were even watching Gov. Romney speak from a nearby playground.  I could feel the energy and enthusiasm resonating from all of the attendees.  Now, I have been to one rally for each candidate and I can honestly say, in my bias opinion, I believe the Romney crowd was much more energetic and excited than the Obama crowd in Leesburg, VA, about one month ago.  In fact, it’s very arguable that Romney had a larger crowd here in Fairfax, VA, than President Obama did in Leesburg, VA.  The fact that Romney’s event brought in a similar sized crowd compared to the President’s and Romney’s was in the middle of a work day compared to Obama’s being in the evening, is at least notably impressive.


It was an encouraging event for Presidential Candidate Romney as he hopes to win in the “battle ground” state, Virginia.  Real Clear Politics reports the most recent polls in Virginia show Obama with 47.3 and Romney with 47.0, giving the President a very close 0.3 lead.  The vote in Virginia could easily go either way, so I think we can expect to see the candidates back in town before the election.

Mitt Romney’s full remarks:

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