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Podcast with Prof. Janette Muir

Dr. Janette Muir

Dr. Janette Muir, Assoc. Provost, GMU

Interview with Professor Dr. Janette Muir, Associate Provost at George Mason University by Professor Rodger Smith of the GMU Communications Department and WGMU Faculty Advisor:

Here are two parts of an interview with Dr. Janette Muir, who teaches courses in Political Communication and Rhetoric and has written several articles on presidential campaigns and political activism.

Her courses tend to be highly interactive — from taking students to New Hampshire to follow presidential candidate campaigns, to involving them in convention planning for major conferences. She also facilitated a course on Inter-generational Dialogues that paired undergrad GMU students with students from the Learning in Retirement Institute at GMU.

Dr. Muir has received a GMU Teaching Excellence Award, she is a C-SPAN Fellow, past president of the Eastern Communication Association, and she is actively involved in both the National Communication Association and the American Association of Higher Education.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. Jasmine Young

    She is my teacher for my NCLC 475 class of Presidential Campaign ! Excellent teacher 🙂

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