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Obama Rejects Chance to Send 5mil to Charity

FINAL UPDATE 11/1: President Obama missed the deadline to release the records, as a result missing an opportunity to directly benefit a charity of his choice with 5 million dollars.  Here’s Donald Trump’s response:

UPDATE 10/30: Tweet by Donald Trump on Oct. 30th: ” The President has until tomorrow at 12 noon to pick up $5M for his favorite charity. Looking like he won’t be doing it. What is he hiding? “… Apparently giving the President more time to release the records due to Hurricane Sandy.   12:00 P.M. , November 1st, is the new deadline.

In a recent publicity stunt, Donald trump has given President Obama an opportunity to send 5 million dollars to a charity of his choice, the President has to release his college transcripts and passport records for the public to see.  Mr. Trump claims that Obama has been one of the least transparent Presidents in history and wants to give him a positive way to release these records to the public while becoming “more transparent.”  Trump told TheBlaze, “I thought it would be a very easy way to get transparency from the president…I would hope to find nothing – but I have a feeling that might not be the answer.”  President Obama would have to release those records by Today, October 31st, by 5:00 P.M E.T, or else he will have passed up an opportunity to give 5 million dollars to a charity of his choice.

Some met Mr. Trump’s ultimatum to the President with jokes and mockery, including the President himself who made a joke on the Jay Leno show.  Some just ignored Donald Trump by simply saying, “It’s Donald Trump, what a joke.”  Personally, I do not understand why people are making a mockery of this, what is the big deal?  While some might ask “why” Donald Trump would do this, I ask, why not?  If the President were to release those records, 5 million dollars would be donated to charity, he would be considered more transparent, and the public would know more about him.  If the President does not release those records, that is 5 million dollars that will not go to help others, the President will be considered less transparent, and the public will not know as much about him as they would if he did release the records.  If he does not have anything to hide, why not release his college transcripts and passports records?  Whether you are an Obama supporter or not, I believe we should all support this opportunity for the President to be more open and transparent with us while benefiting others with 5 million dollars  going to charity at the same time.

I could honestly care less if he released those specific records, it personally would not change my vote and probably would not change your vote, but why pass up an opportunity to give 5 million dollars to charity?  I am sure New York and New Jersey could use that money right about now from the damage that Hurricane Sandy has caused.

Click here to watch Donald Trump’s big announcement.

*The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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  1. pbhatt2

    Releasing his records would simply give unnecessary credibility to Donald Trump. And do we all have short-term memory loss? Obama released his birth certificate just last year in response to Trump’s accusations, why isn’t that proof enough? For Trump to go after this issue just takes attention away from the real issues, it’s a real shame he isn’t putting his influence into use on more important things like investing in Africa with all that charity money.

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  2. Cpowell89

    Absolutely agree with above comment. Ceding to Trump’s demans sets a precedent for the president in the future – he did the right thing, by ignoring this small-minded attempt to gain more notoriety and pull the already-distracted public away from issues that matter.

    Also, shouldn’t you say ‘ I COUDLN’T care less ‘ in reference to Mr. Obama’s records? By saying you could care less, you are claming that there is, in fact, a part of you that cares…

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