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MASS TWEET @MittRomney

UPDATE 11/2/12 – Whether due to the “Mass Tweet” or not, Mitt Romney will be visiting campus this Monday, November 5th.

Article Posted: 10/10/12

As many GMU students know, President Obama spoke to our university during a campaign event this past Friday. Many students have been asking, “What about Mitt Romney, is he going to visit George Mason?” Students, whether Romney supporters or not, would like to hear from both candidates that they have to choose between on November 6th.

To encourage and invite Gov. Romney to visit campus, we’re organizing a mass tweet at Mitt Romney to get him to visit us here at Mason. The idea was first thought up during my radio show, Take it to the Hill, when we were talking about how my former High School did the same thing to get “RG3” (The Redskins’s starting QB) at one of their football games. What if we got hundreds or thousands of Mason students to tweet at Romney? We could probably influence and encourage a campaign stop here on campus before the election. These campaigns don’t ignore their twitter accounts; they notice these kinds of things. When the Romney campaign notices a ton of tweets popping up from Mason students wanting Romney to speak on campus, they might just happen to decide to do it.

This Friday, October 12th, between 4PM and 6PM, we’ll all be tweeting “@MittRomney” to let him know the George Mason University student community welcomes his presence and encourages him to come and speak to us. Let’s make sure both Presidential candidates stop by this election season, because Mason VOTES

1. Create a Twitter account.
2. On Friday, between 4PM and 6PM, tweet @MittRomney
Example tweets: “@MittRomney ,come visit us at George Mason University! #GMU    #MasonVotes” , “Obama already spoke to us, it’s your turn @MittRomney!, we want to hear what you have to say #MasonVotes”, or ” Hey @MittRomney , don’t miss out on VA’s best university! Come speak at #GMU! #MasonVotes”
3. Tell others to Tweet! Get your friends on campus involved, the more people we have tweeting, the more effective this mass tweet will be!
4. Re-Tweet other tweets that are sent to Mitt Romney and tweet multiple times!

Whether you just want to hear from both candidates or if you want to show Romney that GMU supports him, this is a great nonpartisan mission to have both Candidates visit the George Mason University Fairfax Campus.

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John is a full-time student at George Mason University. He currently hosts the only political talk radio show on WGMU, Take it to the Hill, and writes for Mason Votes. John's personal blog is, you can also follow him on twitter @JTHmishmash .

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