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Get to Know Some of Mason’s Political Student Orgs

Profiles of Four Campus Groups That Want Your Vote

By: Gabriel Yossick, Mason Votes 2022 Online Editorial Team


GMU Democrats

  • The GMU Democrats serve as the Democratic Party’s representative on-campus.
  • They have worked with candidates like Jennifer Wexton (D-VA.10), Abigail Spanberger (D-VA.7), and Catherine Read for Fairfax City Major.
  • A normal general body meeting during the fall revolves around raising voter registration awareness. The spring season focuses on discussion-based topics.
  • Learn More: mason360.gmu.edu/gmudemocrats/home
“We are for inclusivity, of all people, and that is really the biggest thing,” said Olivia Nealon (Honors ’25), GMU Democrats Chief of Staff.


College Republicans

  • The College Republicans’ mission is to bring the Republican Party to Mason.
  • They have worked with the Yesli Vega and Hung Cao campaigns, both running in the 7th and 10th districts respectively on canvassing and phone banking.
  • During the fall semester, the club is in election mode, while the spring semester offers professional development for club members.
  • Learn More: mason360.gmu.edu/crepublicans/home
“We are here for the candidates. That is what the College Republicans is about,” said Joe Szymanski (Schar ’23), Chairman for the College Republicans.


Young Democratic Socialists of America

  • The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) is a club founded on socialist and anti-capitalist beliefs.
  • The club consists of different committees that cover a variety of issues like political education and outreach.
  • They hold clothing drives for refugees arriving from Florida and Texas for the upcoming winter.
  • Learn More: mason360.gmu.edu/gmuydsa/home
“Socialism is not when the government does stuff… it’s mainly when the workers or the average Joe has an equal say in how the government is run,” said Jai Carpenter (CES ’23), Vice President of the YDSA.


College Libertarians

  • The College Libertarians are representatives of the Libertarian party at Mason.
  • They worked with the Steven Porter campaign for Herndon town council.
  • The club is not registered yet, but the club holds movie nights and general interest meetings. Official elections for the club will occur when the club is fully registered, likely in mid-November.
“The libertarian philosophy revolved around what’s called the non-aggression principle,” said Richard Fast (CHSS, PhD), President Pro Tem of the College Libertarians. Which, in “essence, is I don’t hit or steal from you, and you don’t hit or steal from me.”



Explore more student groups via Mason360: mason360.gmu.edu/club_signup

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