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Some George Mason students who registered on campus forced to vote provisionally

Some students who registered on campus at George Mason University were not allowed to cast a vote today.

Freshman Katie Bredholt, 18, said she registered to vote on campus with a group of Obama supporters in early September. She was only allowed to vote provisionally today.

Bredholt, whose permanent address is in Texas, said after not receiving her voter registration card in the mail, she called the Virginia registrar.

“The registrar said, ‘You’re in the system- don’t worry about it-just bring your ID,'” Bredholt, a freshman, said.

At Woodson High School, the polling site for students registered at Mason, Bredholt waited and filled out forms. She said an official had a list of at least 15 other people that were able only to vote provisionally, and almost everyone on the list was registered at Mason.

“I feel like now my voice might not be counted and Virginia is a swing state,” Bredholt said. “My vote should count because I was registered.”

Bredholt’s vote now will only be counted if an Electoral Board meeting tomorrow determines that she is qualified to vote. Though Bredholt has the option of appearing in person to plead her case, she said she will not be able to attend because of her classes at Mason.

“I feel like if it happened to a lot of Mason students, they’ll recount it,” Bredholt said. “Everybody has the same story.”


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