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Mason’s College Republicans Host Fimian, Brescia

By Mason Votes Director Christian Smith

The George Mason University chapter of the College Republicans’ first meeting brought to campus Keith Fimian, 2010 candidate for 11th district House of Representatives seat, and Eric Brescia, candidate for House of Delegates in the 47th district.

Brescia began the evening by describing himself as a libertarian-like Republican, announcing that if elected he would work towards repealing the Marshall-Newman amendment.

The economy, however, was the biggest topic of the evening.

“I like numbers, I’m good at numbers but what we are doing is absolutely irresponsible,” said Fimian. “These politicians are reaching into the public troughs…these people do not care about you.”

Fimian, who announced his candidacy this summer, is just coming off his loss to Gerry Connolly (D-11) last November.

“I will win this seat the next time around because my ideas are better then Gerry Connolly…My ideas are better than stale old Democrat ideas.”

The College Republicans next meeting will be Sept. 15.

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