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McDonnell Drops F-Bomb

By Mason Votes Director Christian Smith

In a WTOP interview last Friday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell dropped the F-bomb. “I’m going to find other ways to be able to fund transportation. I’ve outlined 12 f–king funding mechanisms that are creative, that are entrepreneurial,” said McDonnell.

Taylor Thornley, press assistant for the McDonnell campaign, made the following statement to Mason Votes today, “Long and short, the audio clip comes from a friendly conversation on-air between Bob McDonnell and Mark about transportation. At one point Bob was speaking quickly and in trying to say “funding mechanism”, he stumbled and accidentally said another word. It was an unfortunate stumble over the words, and Bob McDonnell apologizes for the mistake. Anyone who spends any time around Bob knows he does not use such language. It was an accident and it is that simple. However, I do want to note [Christian] that it does say a lot about the Deeds campaign that they would spend so much time and energy aggressively pushing this absolutely trivial matter to every blog and media outlet they can think of. It’s disappointing that they have so little regard for Virginia’s voters, and the issues that they care about.”

McDonnell audio from the blog “NotLarrySabato

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