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College Democrats, Republicans Gear Up for Upcoming Election

By Mason Votes Staff Writer Ethan Vaughan

The College Democrats and College Republicans are readying for Virginia’s November 3 election with a spate of campaign events and public outreach.

Pakiza Nasher, president of the College Democrats called the election “the most important thing on our agenda for the 2009-2010 school year.”

Both clubs plan to pursue a policy of aggressive visibility at George Mason, with both regularly canvassing and the College Republicans operating a kiosk in the Johnson Center from 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. on Election Day reminding people to vote.

“We want to have a massive presence on campus,” said Amanda Johnson, chairman of the George Mason University College Republicans. “It was so sad on election day ’08, because there were all these Obama people all over school, and no one for McCain. This time, I want to make sure we do that.”

For both sides, the stakes are high. “The results of the election and the voter turn out will reflect whether the College Democrats reached out to the Mason community and put forth all our effort for the canvassing,” Nasher said.

“The current political climate has definitely caused people to be more assertive,” Johnson said. “The Republicans fell asleep during the ’08 campaign and were complacent. The Democrats kind of attacked and really showed us that they were coming with their teeth bared. The Republicans weren’t ready. There’s increased awareness that both sides have to be ready to defend their beliefs. People, now more than ever, are voicing that.”

College Democrats and College Republicans have also hosted and plan to host guest speakers, among them state candidates for office such as Republican attorney general contender Ken Cuccinelli, who spoke at the College Republicans meeting last Tuesday night.

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