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Meet Christopher DeCarlo Independent 11th District Congressional Candidate

Q: Why should Mason students vote for you?
A: I am not for sale and I have the skills, experience and desire to listen to the voters and properly represent their interests to the Congress.

Q: What will you do to help your college-aged constituents?
A: Promote a more level playing field by reducing the collusion between government and big business. The collusion with the influence of campaign contributions has corrupted our system of citizen government. This is our number one problem. The only solution is to elect incorruptible representatives so our government can work constructively to solve our problems and regain our trust.

Q: What issues do you think are most important to college students?
A: Employment opportunities.

Q: What local projects are you most concerned with? (Ex. Public transportation, civic programs etc.)
A: American needs to get back to its roots of citizen representation as well as innovation, creativity, small business development, entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging people to take responsibility for themselves. We need opportunities and incentives for people to grow, develop, and improve. These components have made America great but now our success is threatened by entitlement programs, suffocating regulations, high taxes, increasing risk and perpetual political patronage and protection.

Q: What will you do to ensure the success of these projects?
A: Promote simple common sense laws and rules.

Q: What will you do to help repair the economy?
A: Fight against complex regulations that are subject to different interpretations. The complex regulations are causing us to lose time, investment opportunities, industries and jobs while other countries are using our technology against us. America needs to reverse its bureaucratic trend and work strategically to make efficient use of our resources and capacity.

Q: Afghanistan and Iraq — what are your plans?
A: Withdraw.

Q: Why are you qualified to represent the 11th District?
A: I have the skills, knowledge, intelligence, insight and ability to represent constituents’ concerns to the Congress, and like other small business owners I know how to improvise, adapt and overcome. It is something I have been doing everyday for the last 30 years.

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