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POLL: Obama Leads Romney

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A new national poll just released today shows President Barack Obama leading his republican challenger Mitt Romney. The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll pegged the race for the White House at 50%-45% for the President among likely voters. Among registered voters the poll found the President leading 50%-44%. Both results reveal a two point increase for the President since last months poll.  It’s important to note this is the first national poll since both parties national conventions.

Looking closer at the numbers here are some of the main findings of the poll:

  • 42% of those polled believed the economy will get better in the next 12 months. That is the highest number recorded for that poll question in two and a half years according to Chuck Todd of NBC.
  • When it comes to who was better to handle the economy both President Obama and Mr. Romney were tied at 43%. According to Chuck Todd of NBC. This is the first time Mr. Romney has not led on this question since they began polling the question.
  • In terms of likability Mr. Romney again for the 13th straight poll has seen a higher unfavorable number than favorable. Of those polled 38% had a positive view of Mr. Romney and 43% had a negative view.
  • In terms of President Obama’s overall job approval those polled approved  50%-48%.
  • On his handling of the economy 47% of those polled approve of the job he has done. This is a 3 point increase on this question for the President.

However, it wasn’t all good news for the president. This poll was conducted after the crisis in the Middle East turned up and the president seems to have suffered from it. Last month 54% of those polled approved of his handling of foreign policy. Today’s poll shows the President down to 49% approval and 46% disapproval.

There is very little doubt the economy is still the number one issue on the minds of  voters, but with an unstable Middle East foreign policy may take a more prominent roll as an issue this election.

Also worth noting is that this poll was conducted before the release of the secret video tape showing Mr. Romney making what some have called “outrageous” and “insensitive” remarks about the 47% of people who don’t pay income taxes in America.

This poll was conducted between September 12-16. You can see the full results here:


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