Post Poll Results Shows Obama Up 8 Points in Virginia

Post Poll: Obama has went up 8 points over Romney in Virginia

According to a new Washington Post poll, President Barack Obama holds a clear lead over Mitt Romney in Virginia. This information is vital because Virginia is critical to Mitt Romney’s hopes of winning the White House in this November’s election. The lead that President Obama holds in Virginia, has a tremendous amount of support that has been rivaling since 2008 when he was able to bring the Democrats out of a 40-year losing streak in Virginia.

Amongst all registered voters, the current President Barack Obama has 50 percent with the lead to his running mate Mitt Romney’s 43 percent. In reference to likely voters, the poll shows President Barack Obama with 52 percent to his rival’s 44 percent. If Mitt Romney is not able to win over Virginia his path to 270 electoral votes will be more difficult but not impossible.

A separate poll was given by Quinnipiac University and it was made public this past Wednesday, September 12. This poll shows that President Barack Obama had a slightly smaller lead in Virginia over Mitt Romney and that this lead has been unchanged from a month ago. Also, this poll shows that the two candidates are very close with their poll results in Colorado but President Barack Obama is up six points in Wisconsin.


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