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Reactions to Friday’s Grassroots Events in Woodbridge, Virginia

Cover Photo Taken By: Jasmine Young

On Friday September 21, 2012 President Barack Obama spoke at a Grassroots event in Woodbridge, Virginia. According to Lt. Dave Cooper, Fire Marshal for Prince stated that the crowd count was 12,000 people. The crowd ranged from infants to senior citizens, from soldiers to veterans, from students to graduates, all races, showing demographics from people all over. Before the president took the stage I was able to speak with a few people in the crowd. Below are some comments from members in the audience that represent different demographics.


“I am fired up for the election and people who work together for the good of the economy!” (From California) – Y. Thomas

“I have been to three or four rallies and have seen a bigger turnout in other locations.” (From Texas)  – P. Cortez

“I believe that Virginia is an important state for Obama to win over.” (From Virginia) – S. Robinson

A seven year old from Virginia named Zariyah was excited about the Rally and told me that her brother and President Obama shared the same birthday.

A Mason Alumni that was originally from Alabama stated, “This is my first rally and I’m a Woodbridge resident. I believe that Virginia is an important state for Obama. – V. Ford

“I am a local and it is not my first rally but I believe that Virginia is an important state for the President. For Obama to win students need to vote.” – C. Pope

A 16 year old came to the rally with her mom looking got hear what President Barack Obama had to say about his campaign even though she is not yet old enough to vote. Her mom did not vote for the current president in his 1st term but will be supporting him for this election and believes that Virginia is an important state for him and thought it was a big turnout. –H. Bider and G. Bider

“I am originally from Ohio and moved to Virginia. I believe that Virginia is an important state because it is close to D.C. This is my first rally and I believe it is a good turnout.”  -J. Markley

From many of the comments it is evident that many think that Virginia is an important state for the current President to win the support of. Regardless of age this event was exciting to all and was an experience many George Mason students were able to share as well. If Virginia is in fact an important state, as current residents of Virginia on November 6, 2012 it is important to be at the polls and cast your vote.

Below are some of the statements that President Barack Obama said during his speech that stuck out to me as a supporter and also as a reporter of the event. (Note: Some comments may not be verbatim do to covering live.)


“Unless your TV is broken your aware there is an election going on.”

“We succeed when middle class is also doing well.”

“Some may be students, single moms, veterans, soldiers….”

“Believe in opportunity.”

“Fight for tuition in 21st century.”

“Will not be slashing benefits.”

“Bin Laden is dead.”

“No one who fought for us should have to fight for job or roof over their head.”

“No longer kicking a soldier out the military just because who he loves.”

“Learned you can’t change Washington from inside you have to change it from outside.”

“Opponent said, “I’ll get the job done from inside. What kind of job is he talking about?”

“Takes more than one party.”

“2008, 47% of the country did not vote for me.”

These quotes from the President range but to find his full detailed speech you can check it out on Mason Votes’ YouTube page.

This is Jasmine Young with Mason Votes showing you an inside perspective and view from Friday’s event.

Remember to stay informed and above all VOTE!


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