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Third Party Candidate to Speak at NOVA

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On Thursday, September 27, Socialist Equality Presidential candidate Jerry White will be stopping by the NOVA Annandale campus to discuss the socialist perspective on the political and economic environment in America, and outline the socialist platform.

White believes that a job, housing, healthcare, and an education are social rights, and the only way to attain these rights for the American people is through a mobilization of the working class into a political party. Jerry White and the Socialist Equality Party have received little media attention out of the alternative third party candidates.

This Thursday will be a great opportunity for NOVA and Mason students to learn more about socialism and hear a different perspective on American politics and the future of capitalism.

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  1. Guest

    He doesn’t receive any attention because he wont be on the ballot…

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  2. Jerry White will be on the Wisconsin ballot. Also voters can write in candidates. In the current political climate many voters are disillusioned with both the Democrats and Republicans and are seeking alternatives. This is one of the alternatives that voters can explore and learn more about. Overall, all third party candidates are shut out from the mainstream political dialogue, whether it be Jerry White, Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson, and this has more to do with financial hurdles than anything else.

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  3. Nick Barrickman

    It is a service to democracy that GMU assists in bringing third party candidates ideas to the fore so in order to allow them to be evaluated on the basis of their ideas rather than their financial backers.

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