Virginia 2013 General Election Candidates

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Who is running for a position in Virginia?

Below you will find the candidates that are running in the Virginia 2013 General Election along with their website of their campaigns.


Ken Cuccinelli – Republican  http://www.cuccinelli.com/
Terry McAuliffe- Democratic http://terrymcauliffe.com/
Robert Sarvis- Libertarian http://www.robertsarvis.com/
Lt. Governor
Earl W. “E.W.” Jackson, Sr.- Republican http://www.jacksonforlg.com/
Ralph S. Northam- Democratic http://www.northamforlg.com/
Gail Parker- Independent Greens http://www.gailparker.us/
Attorney General 
Mark D. Obenshain- Republican http://www.markobenshain.com/
Mark R. Herring- Democratic http://www.herringforag.com/
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