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Hillary Clinton Rallies for Obama at Mason

Today, Hillary Clinton spoke at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus. Virginia is a battle ground state and both campuses are fighting hard for the 13 electoral votes it has to offer.

The Big Picture

Supporters were out in large numbers standing in lines that extended from the North Plaza to Enterprise and circling outside the northern portion of the Johnson Center. Mason students represented a relatively large portion of the crowd and of the volunteer staff.

For students like Carly Whelan, a junior biology major, this was their first time volunteering for a political campaign. “I like Barack Obama,” said Whelen of her reason for assisting at the Clinton rally.

“We like Hillary Clinton and support Barack Obama,” said Amy Glibort a Mason graduate student while she waited in line to be admitted to the event.

Gregory Thompson, president of Mason’s chapter of Students for Barack Obama introduced Clinton and presented her with a Mason letter jacket.

Clinton offered a message of full support for the Obama campaign in an attempt to heal deep wounds created during the primary season. “If you were there for me, I’m asking you to do everything you can in these closing hours so that we can win Virginia,” said Clinton.

She also responded to Republican Presidential Candidate McCain’s use of her primary speeches in opposition of Obama’s run for the presidency. “My name is Hilary Clinton and I do not approve that message.”

The majority of her speech, however, was a comparison of President George Bush’s administration’s results to that of her husband former President Bill Clinton and democratic ideals in general. “Wouldnt it be wonderful if even at anytime during Bush’s administration he had said the buck stops anywhere,” said Clinton

She promised that a Obama presidency would create jobs, bring troops home, and make health care affordable.

Mason Votes provided live tweets, photos and video feed which is still available. The full audio of the event will be uploaded to this blog soon.

Mason Votes will be providing extensive coverage during the final days of the election process.

Photo by Courtney Erland.

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