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Supreme Court Takes Up Affirmative Action Case

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Abigail Fisher is a native of Sugar Land, Texas and was denied admissions as an undergrad applicant to the University of Texas at Austin. She accuses the University of Texas of illegally discriminating against her.  Fisher accuses them because she was a part of a pool of applicants who were evaluated using criteria that gave extra consideration to black and also Hispanic criteria.This case was brought before the Supreme Court and raised the question of whether and how race may be used in college- admissions decisions.

This case is similar to a case from 2003 about the University of Michigan law school and how the Supreme Court held that colleges were seeking to promote diversity must give “serious, good faith consideration” to race-neutral alternative to affirmative preferences. The difference between now and 2003 is that it has become more conservative and more hostile to racial preferences. This case affects the 2012 Presidential Campaign because candidates are likely to be faced with questions on affirmative action.

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