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  • How do you measure success?

Ask a fiscal conservative like Rand Paul, and he or she will tell you that success is measured in nothing but dollars. Rand Paul expressed this sentiment in the Senate when he suggested that the United States Postal Service should not be bailed out with government money. 0
  • In a surprise announcement, Rick Santorum dropped out of the race for the Republican primary bid today at an event in Gettysburg, Pa. Santorum had previously pledged to continue through […] 0
  • The presidential primary season is reaching its halfway point. On April 4 Mitt Romney swept the GOP presidential primaries in Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia, bringing him another […] 1
  • Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is making his third bid for president. He got his B.S. from Gettysburg College and his M.D. from Duke University in […] 0
  • Newt Gingrich wins Ga., Romney wins Mass., Vt., Alaska, Va., and Ohio. Santorum won Tenn., Ok. and N.D.

The race in Ohio, traditionally a very important state during the primaries was decided by a margin of .8 percent, keeping Romney in the lead for Republican candidacy. Santorum stays in a close second place with three wins of his own and the near tie in Ohio. 1
  • Today, March 6, is Super Tuesday. The polls are underway but, at least in the state of Virginia, voter turnout has been on the low side. According to The Washington […] 0
  • Junior Olivia Valentine, secretary for Patriots for Ron Paul, was tired as she headed to a CPAC conference last year. Despite her exhaustion from getting up early, she was motivated because she was going to meet the man that she had researched and read about since summer. 

She was going to meet Ron Paul. 0